Legacy is where Alice re-designs old jewels from the forgotten jewellery boxes of clients giving them new life and a reason to be worn.

Legacy Jewels by
Alice Herald


Re-imagining jewels has been customary for centuries. Herald Legacy Jewels forms a large segment of Alice’s work. Creating new layers of symbolism and history within a jewel is something Alice loves to realise.

Roses and Jasmine

Alice has a penchant for designing pinky rings as they allow for more real estate for design with the open side down the outside of the finger. Alice uses this to cascade gemstones down the open side or create exaggerated movement around the ring through asymmetry, line and form.

A Bouquet Pinky Ring: Blossoming white marquise diamonds layered with apricot and pink padparadschan sapphires reference roses and jasmine flowers from a wedding bouquet to celebrate a 45th wedding anniversary.
A unique jewel celebrating a memory and piece of personal history.

Two become four

Diamonds from an engagement ring and rubies from an anniversary ring were un-set and re-designed into this new princess diamond engagement ring. The design represents the two who are now four and their love of art, colour and flare for design. The engraving inside echoes the date of engagement, wedding and their two children. An heirloom jewel at its best.

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I’m blown away and in love with this beauty that one day I will pass on to my daughter. I couldn’t be happier with it!
Thank you so much, you are so ridiculously talented.