Herald Bespoke Jewels celebrate unique jewellery
for special moments in life

The Art of a Jewel

Design process

Commissioning a bespoke design with Alice is a unique opportunity for collaboration between client and designer and one that results in true individual beauty.

Clients start the bespoke process by contacting Alice to set up a design consultation. Inspired by the stories and relationships of her clients, Alice then weaves together a personal storyboard of style, ideas and concepts to start her design work.

Gemstone selection

Choosing the key gemstones for each jewel is a fun experience in itself and one where Alice advises and works directly with clients.

Being the focal point of the jewel, great care goes into selecting both the diamonds and precious coloured gemstones, as each stone has such unique character.

Through the Alice Herald Diamond Story we offer a guide to personalise your journey into the world of diamonds.

Concept to Crafting

Alice draws each design to scale and presents these to her clients. From here Alice works with her 3D (CAD) design team to realise the jewel in 3D through computer modelling. Photo realistic imagery enables each client to see what their finished piece of jewellery will look like before crafting commences.

Jewellery Delivery

Alice works alongside her team of craftsmen to realise the finished piece of jewellery.

Alice is used to working with the utmost discretion throughout the design and crafting process, including the highly anticipated delivery. Depending on the nature of the jewel, pieces can be collected in person from Alice Herald in Wanaka, or delivered by Alice’s preferred secure courier or armed guard.

Discuss a bespoke jewel with Alice

Alice is a true pleasure to work with and has become the go to jeweller in our family.
It’s amazing to go through the whole process and end up with a beautiful bespoke ring that I know no one else has. Thank you