Istoria is Greek for story and learning through research.

The Istoria collection draws inspiration from Alice’s love of the classical period of Greek mythology and architecture, particularly the columns of the Doric and Ionic Orders and coffered domed ceilings of ancient Rome.

Architectural forms shift and erode with time bringing an altered beauty to the classic forms.

The Dreamer in Yellow Sapphire

The Dreamer in Pink Tourmaline

The Dreamer in Blue Sapphire

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The Dreamer in Tsavorite

The Flute in Blue Sapphire

The Flute in Diamond

The Flute in Green Tourmaline

The Fabella Pinky

The Open Odeon Ring

The Odeon Ring

The Dreamer Bangle

The Odeon Bangle

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The Fluted Princess Bangle

The Fluted Embrace Bangle

The Duet Baguette Bangle

The Mirrored Piccolos

The Piccolo Princess Pendant

The Piccolo Baguette Pendant

The Dreamer Neck Bangle

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The Flute Neck Bangle

The Venus

The Fluted Falls

The Solis

The Fabellas

The Fabellitas

The Fluted Duet

The Princess Flutes

The Baguette Flutes

The Fluted Drops

The Oculas

The Oculitas

The Princess Piccolos

The Trilliant Piccolos

The Duomos

The Diamond Dorics

The Dorics

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