Once Upon A Time

Inspired by the classic Fairytale.

Fairytales feature transformational journeys for their characters. Design too, is also about transformation. Inspired by the Brother’s Grimm fairytales Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and Beauty and the Beast, Alice designed the capsules Grace, Obey and Virtue.

By incorporating elements from Fairytales into the design process Alice could add layers of meaning and creativity to her work. The heroine’s journey embodies qualities such as kindness, empathy and intelligence to resilience, courage and bravery which all feature in her diamond couture collection.

Virtue Pinky Ring

Rose Bud Drop Earrings

Rose Bud Earrings

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Ring of Roses


Drops of Happiness

A Drop of Happiness

Pure Happiness

Embracing Happiness


Lacey Red Racey

Balls of Steel

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