Inspired by the dahlia flower.

Alice’s bouquet pinky rings have got a new member.  Her love for designing rings inspired by flowers in the past has included roses, orchids, jasmine, the passion flower…and now the dahlia.

Originally inspired by the pom pom dahlia, Alice began designing the heroine of the collection, the Dahlia ring, which then evolved into a full Couture Collection.

Dahlia Ring

Midi Diamond Bunches Hoop Earrings

Diamond Bunches Hoop Earrings

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Bunches Basket Earrings

Willo Hoop Earrings

Bunches Stacker Diamond Ring

Bunches Stacker Blues Sapphire Ring

Bunches Stacker Yellows Sapphire Ring

Pop Willo Studs

Flowering Sapphire Bangle

Flowering Diamond Bangle

Diamond Trio Bunches Bracelet

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Diamond Bud Bangle

Diamond Bunches Bracelet

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