Notes from the Travelling Designer

Notes from Abroad A few snippets for you from my recent trip to the USA and UK where I attended the largest industry show and made some fantastic connections for future projects. Precious also to reconnect with current and new suppliers whilst hearing the latest first hand from the top voices in the diamond and ...

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The Hummingbird

The Night Flight Collection In 1832, the White Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird was discovered in the Andes of South America. Being only 7cm long, it is the smallest living bird, yet despite its petite size the Hummingbird stands out amongst its peers displaying extraordinary endurance and courage. Characterised by strength, resilience and determination, it is remarkable something so ...

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May 30, 2023Tags: Category: Design

Send Me Your Wish List

I’m Going on a Buying Trip I’ve always wanted to get to the stage of my business where I can offer my clients an even more personalised gemstone buying process. I’ve met all my suppliers, they’re fantastic, genuine, top notch people providing stunning product. Living in New Zealand I usually work with them remotely and ...

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May 3, 2023Category: Uncategorized

Finding that Flow State

Getting into that creative mess that is the design flow on a recent design week away. Flow State Designing a new collection can be a double edged sword….you’ve researched for days, read, watched documentaries and movies and now you’re amped to start putting the words into forms. Then that very blank, very white paper stares ...

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April 18, 2023Categories: Design, Diamond Couture by Alice Herald

Only Natural Diamonds

The Herald Trilogy Diamond Ring Naturally Beautiful I thought it may be interesting for you to get a brief insight into a hot discussion in the industry at the moment; natural diamonds vs lab grown and my take on it. My values as a person and within my company are rooted around authenticity, longevity, uniqueness, ...

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Rounding up an epic year

Diamond Couture line-up Rounding up an epic year… To my clients – you have given me permission and the time to dig deep design wise to truly create the unique, have entrusted me to source rare beautiful gems and have had faith in my visions. For a designer, you have been the ultimate and with ...

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Our Spring Opening Celebration

An array of Bespoke and Couture rings from Alice’s clients and collections. Our Spring Opening Celebration went down a treat. The new Wanaka design studio is well and truly christened and our Ready-to-Wear Collections now launched online, quite a week. Always some chilled bubbles ready to pop, so if you missed out, come by. In ...

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Flower Power Pinkies

Orchid Bouquet Pinky It started with an Orchid… I love pinky rings. However I would never have thought that my 10 year anniversary ring, inspired by the orchids I had in my wedding bouquet, would have a) inspired so many flower power commissioned jewels and b) that we would craft it in sapphires, champagne and white ...

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The Evolution of an Art Jewel

Evolution of Design and Nature Bit of a serous title there but one that formed the basis of my brief on a recent design week I took myself away to on the coast.  This time though, the week wasn’t so much about designing my next collection, as it was to ignite that deep yearning to be creative and bring that momentum ...

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A Personal Facet

Fragments of My Life Outside of Jewels and Gems When designing bespoke jewels I ask my clients for an insight into their lives, so I know who I’m designing for. I create a mood board full of images, words and inspirations. No matter how free the brief may be, I like to curate a story with which to inspire ...

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