All of Alice’s collection earrings, diamond earrings and precious gemstone Couture earrings from across her collections.

Midi Diamond Bunches Hoop Earrings

Diamond Bunches Hoop Earrings

Bunches Basket Earrings

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Mini Flutter

Willo Hoop Earrings

Flutter Sleeper

Diamond Flutter Hoop Earrings

Diamond Dots

Vane Hoops

Pop Willo Studs

Sing Sleeper

Mini Sing Diamond Earrings

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Mini Swagger Hoops

Mini Twig Hoops

Swoop Earrings

Swagger Hoops

Midi Twig Hoops

Eclipse Drop Earrings

Eclipse Studs

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Sing Diamond Earrings

Midi Swagger Hoops

Soar Pair

Soar and Fly Stud

Sunset Drop Earrings

Swagger Diamond Whip

Swoon Hoops

Fly Stud

Spatule Stud

Twig Diamond Whip

Unison Studs

Symphony Hoops

Rose Bud Drop Earrings

Rose Bud Earrings

Drops of Happiness

A Drop of Happiness

Pure Happiness

Golden Feather Drops

Lacey Red Racey

Flutter Enamel and Diamond Earrings

Night Flight Spear

Balls of Steel

Take Flight Diamond Earrings

Racket Studs

Quill Drop Earring

Lake and Sky Hoop Earrings

Quiver Earrings