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You shall go to the ball!

‘Grace’ embodies the full rags to riches tale of Cinderella from which the ring is inspired. A truly inspirational ring full of narrative design.

The Aquamarine blue of Cinderella’s eyes and dress she wears to the ball. The spiralling diamond staircase, a pink sapphire rose that historically represents Grace and the green tsavorite honeysuckle leaves that mean happiness embracing the central aquamarine.

Work with Alice to create your fairytale.

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"She gave the wand a mighty flick, And quickly in no time at all, Cindy was at the palace ball."

Roald Dahl was a favourite author from Alice’s childhood so when researching for her new fairytale collection Once Upon a Time, his renditions of her chosen tales were sure to be included in her inspirations.

Alice likes to include humour and unique stories into her designs for both her collections and those of her bespoke clients’ where possible.  For Grace, Alice wanted to design a ring fit to go to the ball. Not only is it aesthetically beautiful as it is narrative. From the spiralling flow of the jewel through to the climbing honeysuckle leaves and pink rose, to the 12 strutts of the setting representing the clock striking midnight, Grace embodies Alice’s desire for her Once Upon a Time Collection; to showcase the marriage of design and story-telling through a unique collection of narrative fine jewellery.

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