Rounding up an epic year


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Rounding up an epic year...

To my clients - you have given me permission and the time to dig deep design wise to truly create the unique, have entrusted me to source rare beautiful gems and have had faith in my visions. For a designer, you have been the ultimate and with you I get these untrodden golden opportunities. So thank you. 

To my team - in-house studio, crafting, 3D modelling, gemstone suppliers, foundry, photographers, graphics - you also have the faith and dedication a designer, business owner and leader could only wish for. I have some pretty radical ideas at times so thank you for trusting me and playing alongside. I'm loving the journey with you all.

To 2022 - you have exceeding expectations in design opportunities, precious gemstones we've worked with, business growth with my new studio space, staff and e-commerce website, collaborations and future plans.

It's been a biggie and if you'd told me a year ago what lay ahead, I'd be exhausted just at the thought. But we've done it and without all of you (plus incredibly equally hard-working supportive husband) only a smidgen would have been accomplished. 

So a very large heartfelt thank you. Bring on the next year, if it's half of this one I'm amped for it!

Happy Christmas and wishing you a fantastic start to the New Year!

Alice x 

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