Diamond Couture

Couture is a true celebration of Alice’s love for storytelling and pushing the design boundaries. These collections showcase beautifully colourful precious gemstones and the fine craftsmanship of her team.  Attention to detail is paramount.

"a love for storytelling and pushing the design boundaries..."

Virtue Pinky Ring

Rose Bud Drop Earrings

Rose Bud Earrings

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Ring of Roses

The Egg Pendant

Pure Happiness

A Drop of Happiness

Drops of Happiness

Embracing Happiness

Golden Feather Drops

Balls of Steel


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Lacey Red Racey


Allende Tanzanite Diamond Ring

Sophia Tanzanite and Diamond Ring


Sophia Diamond and Sapphire Ring

Orchid Pinky

Night Flight Spear

Flutter Enamel and Diamond Earrings

Take Flight Diamond Earrings

Racket Studs

Quill Drop Earring

Quiver Earrings