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October 24, 2023Category: Design


Alice Herald Jewellery Designer


I knew she was a goodie but have been so pleased with the response and interaction between Dahlia and her many wearers and admirers. 

As a designer, it's fantastic to witness first hand the physical interplay of jewel and wearer. Jewels are by right colourful and irresistible to the touch (hello you magpies) so should be playful and have no formal placement. I therefore loved seeing the stacking and combinations worn at the private launch dinner, it was a wonderful insight into her acceptance and wonder. 

Back in the Studio in Wanaka and she's had many visitors who we love meeting. I don't think there's a stand out favourite in the collection yet; Dahlia, the heroine ring, obviously gets the 'ooh la la' but the diamond encrusted hoop earrings, with my pompom inspired twist as well as the bangles are equally admired. We are also making our first sapphire and diamond colour variation on the Bunches stackers so am so pleased to see clients taking my designs and making them their own. That's always the aim anyway, to create unique beauty in design and to inspire.

Yours faithfully in blooming pompoms,

Alice x 

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

Some of my gorgeous guests the the private dinner last month at the International, Auckland where Onslow created a delectable feast and the wonderful Maude and Mt Edward kept everyone well hydrated.

Uniquely beautiful.

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