The Hummingbird

The Night Flight Collection In 1832, the White Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird was discovered in the Andes of South America. Being only 7cm long, it is the smallest living bird, yet despite its petite size the Hummingbird stands out amongst its peers displaying extraordinary endurance and courage. Characterised by strength, resilience and determination, it is remarkable something so ...

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May 30, 2023Tags: Category: Design

Finding that Flow State

Getting into that creative mess that is the design flow on a recent design week away. Flow State Designing a new collection can be a double edged sword….you’ve researched for days, read, watched documentaries and movies and now you’re amped to start putting the words into forms. Then that very blank, very white paper stares ...

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April 18, 2023Categories: Design, Diamond Couture by Alice Herald

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