Flower Power Pinkies

Orchid Pinky Ring

Orchid Bouquet Pinky

It started with an Orchid...

I love pinky rings. However I would never have thought that my 10 year anniversary ring, inspired by the orchids I had in my wedding bouquet, would have a) inspired so many flower power commissioned jewels and b) that we would craft it in sapphires, champagne and white diamonds, rubies and tourmalines, an array of colours and precious gems. Over the last 4 years, I've changed up the design, crafted it with both oval and pear shaped gems. Each ring has its own character and feel.

Such is the beauty of designing and crafting unique one of a kind jewels. 

Passion flowers, rose varieties, jasmine, sunflowers and dahlias have contributed their design and colour attributes to the plethora of Herald Pinkies. I'm not a pretty flower kind of girl so surprised myself with attracting such designs but am loving seeing where these inspirations go and putting a unique design edge on them.

Orchid Pinky Ring

Early next year we'll start crafting a small capsule I've designed around the Dahlia. A stunning pompom full of texture, colour and bursting with tactility.

This capsule has a Couture design foundation to the jewels with a Ready-to-Wear spin off for the everyday. As usual, I'm pushing a few design and crafting boundaries and trying some new mechanisms so am excited to present these to you. This is ahead of a new Diamond Couture collection that will be released later in the year.

I'm looking forward to sharing these beauties with you.

Alice x 

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

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