The Evolution of an Art Jewel

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer Wanaka New Zealand

Evolution of Design and Nature

Bit of a serous title there but one that formed the basis of my brief on a recent design week I took myself away to on the coast. 

This time though, the week wasn't so much about designing my next collection, as it was to ignite that deep yearning to be creative and bring that momentum to the surface. It's easy to bury it when working on day-to-day business, especially with the year we have all had; so to do my bespoke commissions and design work justice, I need to keep it close.

That said, the most important outcome of my design week away was the heightened desire to only create unique 'art jewels'. Not to create new collections to purely fill a cabinet or satiate the current trends but to truly celebrate one-of-a-kind jewels.

In removing the (self imposed) pressure to design and craft collections of jewels, I give myself the freedom to let ideas and designs evolve and the time to source the perfect precious gemstones to adorn my jewels. This to me, is the beauty of fine jewellery, creating sculptural pieces of art that will sing a unique song.

This gift of time and permission to unleash ultimate creativity, makes me incredibly happy, as I know it will you. I look forward to showing you what I've created.

It's our song, let's fly....

Alice x 

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

Evolution through sketch and design: Looking at the human form - how does jewellery make you feel when wearing it? Capturing that elation and movement through dance in ink and my favourite tinted charcoal.

Herald Design Week

I approach design from an intellectual viewpoint, so lots of research and a reason to be create the foundations for the inspiration of my jewels. I give myself complete solitude for an extended period to allow some deeper thought processes enough time to mature and resolve. 

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

'Embracing Happiness' from my collection Once Upon a Time in Diamond and Tsavorite. Inspired by nature - Honeysuckle leaves reference happiness.

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