The Art of a Diamond Engagement

December 16, 2020Category: Engagement
Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

Meeting with new engagement ring clients is such a buzz. A wonderfully unique and memorable time in life and a real privilege to be a part of.

Below I briefly describe the art and process of how I work with my engagement ring clients. Whether we're selecting diamonds, choosing engagement ring designs or organising secret drops offs and covert operations for ring sizing, we create a special rapport, we have fun and it is a relationship both client and I cherish for years to come. 

Alice x 

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

During the private consultation we discuss engagement ring designs, the style and lifestyle of my client, as well as some important diamond education. Clients may opt for a design from my portfolio or wish create a bespoke engagement ring.

Diamond Selection with Alice Herald

Diamond Selection

Diamond Selection and education. We look through diamond inventories discussing diamond quality and value as well as the best stone to showcase in the chosen design. 

Diamond setting by master jewellers

Diamond setting at the bench

Once a diamond and design have been chosen, I work with my team of craftsmen to transform them into a piece of diamond art.

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Band set by Alice Herald

Diamond Engagement and Wedding Band set by Alice Herald

We design stand alone engagement rings as well as bridal sets. Engraving a personal message inside the band, is also a lovely way to mark the special occasion.

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