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May 3, 2023Category: Uncategorized
Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

I'm Going on a Buying Trip

I've always wanted to get to the stage of my business where I can offer my clients an even more personalised gemstone buying process. I've met all my suppliers, they're fantastic, genuine, top notch people providing stunning product. Living in New Zealand I usually work with them remotely and I am now heading off to meet some of them in the USA this June. 

So please do let me know if you are looking for or thinking of designing something special this year. It may be diamond, emerald, sapphire or you're not sure at the moment. All worth a conversation as I will have all the top stock in front of me and can be visualising your piece when there in person and can chat to you with the gems. It really is like a kid in a candy shop. All the best suppliers and gems in the world in one place. 

I'll leave you with this thought: A jewellery box is a shadow of our own life story. Each chapter is celebrated with a jewel and we create these layers by which to tell our story to future generations. We are creating our own legacy through fine jewels.

Alice x 

Alice Herald Jewellery Designer

BESPOKE: 3.6ct Square Emerald and Diamond Ring.

Uniquely beautiful.

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