The Fusion of Storytelling and Art – Part 2

An artist’s process is a deeply personal and transformative journey, driven by passion, imagination, and an unwavering commitment to self-expression. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final touch, artists navigate a path filled with experimentation, introspection, and growth. Each artist’s process is unique, shaped by their individual experiences, influences, and artistic vision.  The ...

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The Fusion of Storytelling and Art – Part 1

The Fusion of Storytelling and Art I often discuss the above with clients and visitors to the studio. I find it a true luxury as a creative to have the opportunity to research, explore and interpret both personal stories of clients’ and the ones that create the foundations for my collections. So both Jacqui and ...

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Send Me Your Wish List

I’m Going on a Buying Trip I’ve always wanted to get to the stage of my business where I can offer my clients an even more personalised gemstone buying process. I’ve met all my suppliers, they’re fantastic, genuine, top notch people providing stunning product. Living in New Zealand I usually work with them remotely and ...

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