The Hummingbird

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The Night Flight Collection

In 1832, the White Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird was discovered in the Andes of South America. Being only 7cm long, it is the smallest living bird, yet despite its petite size the Hummingbird stands out amongst its peers displaying extraordinary endurance and courage. Characterised by strength, resilience and determination, it is remarkable something so small and delicate has become a symbol of enduring beauty and power.

Alice Herald is an artist inspired by nature, culture and history. Through her creative process she allows a narrative to emerge that reflects her unique vision to unfold.

When designing a collection, I need to ignite that deep yearning to be creative and bring that momentum to the surface. I see jewels when walking through forests where nature’s colour, architecture and energy are inherently imbued in the narrative of my fine jewellery designs. To sustain that energy and do my bespoke commissions and design work justice, I need to retreat and lose myself in the creative flow. A deep dive into the art of design. It is in that quiet stillness I discover the most exciting aspect of being creative. With pen to paper and a myriad of pencil strokes, the anticipation of seeing form reveal itself is a quiet form of luxury.”

Inspired by the White Booted Racket-Tail Hummingbird, the Night Flight Collection found form as an expression of dynamic movement and fluidity. The collection of work encapsulates fine jewellery in between a state of motion and stillness.

In nature as in art, we find dynamic sculptures with compositional turbulence that suggest movement and energy. One could say it is the definition of potential. It is an alluring combination that leads to a liminal space; a place of transition. To some, sighting a hummingbird signals that challenging times are over and healing can begin. To others, these tiny fliers are a sign of hope and good luck.

The Night Flight Collection is Alice's vision unveiled. The designs echo the ornate beauty and energy of nature in the art form of  fine jewellery. It is where the vibrant Tsavorite gemstone's reflect the iridescent green throat of the male coquette, while the quivering diamond chain encased by sleek black enamel frames the potential energy of a small bird in flight. The dynamic movement of a Hummingbird is both unpredictable and intriguing. Like Alice's designs, the complexity and wonder draws the eye in with a sense of fascination. When hovering, the frenetic speed of the Hummingbird's wing beat goes unseen by the naked eye. So much energy contained in something so small and delicate is enchanting as it seems to momentarily suspends in time. Like memories, jewellery encapsulates time and place.

Once worn, it is rendered complete. The energy of the design and that of the wearer is the unique aspect of the artwork.


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COUTURE: Night Flight Spear

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