The Fusion of Storytelling and Art – Part 2

An artist’s process is a deeply personal and transformative journey, driven by passion, imagination, and an unwavering commitment to self-expression. From the initial spark of inspiration to the final touch, artists navigate a path filled with experimentation, introspection, and growth. Each artist’s process is unique, shaped by their individual experiences, influences, and artistic vision.  The ...

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The making of a masterpiece: Alice Herald’s 13-carat Dahlia ring

Published by FashionNZ. “From inspiration and initial sketches to 3D modelling and custom gem cutting, Wanaka-based jewellery designer Alice Herald describes how a hero piece is made.” Link to full FNZ article.

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Alice Herald’s exquisite collection is inspired by the classic fairy tales

Published by Denizen Mag. “Fascinated by the way jewellery accrues layers of meaning as it’s passed down through generations, Wanaka-based jeweller Alice Herald turned to a medium that worked in a similar way as the starting point for her new Once Upon A Time collection — fairytales.”  Full article here.

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