The story behind the art

Jewels, like fairytales have this wonderful ability to transcend generations, laden with symbolism, morals and personal history. Each generation adds a chapter to the story of the family and jewel through design modification, love of wearing and the story of their gifting.

Inspirations for Collection 2020 'once upon a time'

"Look straight ahead like a good little girl"

"If you made a promise you will have to keep it."

"She whipped a pistol from her knickers."

"A rose that blooms in winter."

"I should like to have a singing soaring lark."

"Shake your branches little tree, Toss your gold and silver down to me."

"She gave her wand a mighty flick, And quickly in no time at all, Cindy was at the palace ball."

"...the resourceful trickster"

"Their house was filled with smiles and laughter, And they lived happily ever after."