Only Natural Diamonds

The Herald Trilogy Diamond Ring Naturally Beautiful I thought it may be interesting for you to get a brief insight into a hot discussion in the industry at the moment; natural diamonds vs lab grown and my take on it. My values as a person and within my company are rooted around authenticity, longevity, uniqueness, ...

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Rounding up an epic year

Diamond Couture line-up Rounding up an epic year… To my clients – you have given me permission and the time to dig deep design wise to truly create the unique, have entrusted me to source rare beautiful gems and have had faith in my visions. For a designer, you have been the ultimate and with ...

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Our Spring Opening Celebration

An array of Bespoke and Couture rings from Alice’s clients and collections. Our Spring Opening Celebration went down a treat. The new Wanaka design studio is well and truly christened and our Ready-to-Wear Collections now launched online, quite a week. Always some chilled bubbles ready to pop, so if you missed out, come by. In ...

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Flower Power Pinkies

Orchid Bouquet Pinky It started with an Orchid… I love pinky rings. However I would never have thought that my 10 year anniversary ring, inspired by the orchids I had in my wedding bouquet, would have a) inspired so many flower power commissioned jewels and b) that we would craft it in sapphires, champagne and white ...

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The Evolution of an Art Jewel

Evolution of Design and Nature Bit of a serous title there but one that formed the basis of my brief on a recent design week I took myself away to on the coast.  This time though, the week wasn’t so much about designing my next collection, as it was to ignite that deep yearning to be creative and bring that momentum ...

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A Personal Facet

Fragments of My Life Outside of Jewels and Gems When designing bespoke jewels I ask my clients for an insight into their lives, so I know who I’m designing for. I create a mood board full of images, words and inspirations. No matter how free the brief may be, I like to curate a story with which to inspire ...

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If Gems could Talk

Bespoke Natural Green Sapphire and Diamond Ring Their Story Began Over a Billion Years Ago… Gemstones are the story. They are the focal point of the jewel and lay the foundations of the design. They are awe-inspiring, dazzle and mesmerise, quite possibly why I talk to them while designing their setting. So if they could talk, ...

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May 10, 2021Category: Diamond Couture by Alice Herald

She Whips a Pistol from her Knickers

Bold Elegance with a Twist of the Unique “….One eyelid flickers. She whips a pistol from her knickers…” This ring, Obey, and the collection it’s from, Once Upon a Time, is the most talked about in my studio with visitors.  I’m all about storytelling, both through my collections and for bespoke jewels and if I can add ...

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May 3, 2021Category: Diamond Couture by Alice Herald

Pen to Paper

Receive a touch of Herald in hand The Art of a Letter Writing letters to relatives and thank yous for gifts was instilled into us from a young age. I loved it, my sister didn’t, to the extent that I quite willingly wrote and dictated some of hers. I was the sibling that drew the ...

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April 26, 2021Category: Diamond Couture by Alice Herald

New Year Journal

A Year of Hidden Gems It’s amazing what the turn of a new year can create within. This time last year, I was ready for a good one. Losing my Dad hit me hard and my energy and outlook towards my creative work and business definitely lagged. So 2020, for me, was the chance to re-focus, prioritise and ...

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January 19, 2021Category: Diamond Couture by Alice Herald

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