Ready to wear

Alice’s Ready-to-Wear jewellery below is her personal selection from previous and current collections of bold, elegant jewels for everyday and evening wear, available to purchase online.


Inspired by a Swagger stick and the hooded nub of a budding twig Alice found whilst out walking in Wanaka, Swagger is a collection of unique diamond jewels for your daily layering and styling.


A colourful collection of sapphires, rubies and garnets inspired by the sunsets casting a myriad of colours over the mountains in Alice’s home town of Wanaka New Zealand.

Herald classics

A curated collection of Alice’s favourite every day classics – bold, elegant designs to be stacked and layered together from day through to night.

Our song, Let's fly

Our Song, Let’s Fly is a celebration of how fine jewels make you feel – they elevate and transport you.

Inspired by the Racket Tailed Hummingbird with it’s bright green chest, fluffy white feet and forked tail – Alice creates unique shapes reflecting the spatule tail, and layers diamonds and forms to mimic flight and feathers.